Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Flash animation

This is my first attempt at creating an animation in flash. Its just a 2 second lip sync but it took a while. Im not  sure about this program yet, so ill have to give it a few more trys.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sketchbook Update

Nothing to really say here, just a quick sketchbook update. Been playing around with some new techniques and stuff, thought I'd share. (Sorry if some are repeats)

Henrich Kley Project

Just a quick post. This is our most recent drawing project task, which was basically to create 3 concept drawings (with back up works) which shows people in our of proportion surroundings. I really enjoyed this project, and for the final of the 3 pieces I decided to experiment alittle and try out my new graphics  tablet which i havent really used yet, so found it alittle hard, but gave it ago. Anywhere, here they are: 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So today is the day I create my first showreel. Showreels are hugely important, as they are essentially you portfolio - but moving! I know I will eventually use one to sell myself to companies and employers alike, so I have tried hard to make this as professional as I can. All of the animation used if from my first semester here at Falmouth University, so its obviously not well-planned polished work, it simply shows my development from starting out knowing nothing of Maya to where I currently am (which is still not very far). I particularly enjoy my 2D work here, and the lip sync which is my most recent bit of work in Maya. 

So here it is, it isn't much, but its mine:
(Please watch in 1080p)

Monday, January 21, 2013

But I gotta' pick up this phone!

No words needed.

Lip Sync

This is my first ever attempt at doing a Lip Sync animation in Maya. At first I was really not looking forward to tackling this, after leaving maya for a few weeks and concentrating on drawing I had forgotten some basics. However once I had got involved with this I really enjoyed doing it. There is something very very satisfying about successfully lip syncing sound to your animation, however hard it is to do. 

I am excited about continuing doing lip syncing in Maya, and would really love to try it in 2D as well. Im also learning spanish at the moment.. maybe ill try a spanish lip sync.
Haha.. Or not. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

2D walk cycle attempt. Gosh.

So last night I was bored and really wanted to try and attempt some sort of 
2D walk cycle. We haven't been taught how to do this yet, but with my trusty
'Animators Survival Kit' I wanted to have a go. This Book is so great, If you haven't got it already as a budding animator, its a must! Hats off to Richard Williams, I simply followed his detailed, and clear instructions and I was able to create a simple, 15 frame animation which I cycled. Granted, its no way near perfect, but for a first time test i'm pleased. 
Great use of a boring evening....

Updated Burt. Oh Burt.

Today I wanted to re-do some of my basic animations in Maya for my upcoming showreel. 
One of the animations I wanted to re-do was the Burt walk cycle/walking motion. 
I felt this animation was not as interesting as it could be, and wanted to play around with my 
newly found ability to use cameras in Maya. All I did was add some background, turn off the curves ect so it wasn't too busy, and added some lighting and 3 separate cameras, which i turned into an Ubercam (strange name for some reason) which was a breeze to use. 

Oh Burt...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eleven PickUp

Just a quick little Maya animation of the Eleven rig picking up an object (heavy). As always this is my first attempt of doing this, hence why its so un smooth. Looking forward to working this one out properly, with correct timing and speed. Also worked in a small camera zoom into the scene to make it alittle more interesting. 

I also somehow removed his eye's it seems! Bummer. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

First Animatic

Zoop Troop & And The Lost Pirate Treasure.

That is the title of the first narrative i had the pleasure of making an animatic of,
following a storyboard. I have to admit the storyboard I did not enjoy nearly
half as much as I did the actual putting together of the animatic itself. I had a lot of 
fun messing around with editing and creating sounds (with the help of a special certain someone) 
and adding movement the storyboard itself. I really got a lot of enjoyment watching it 
all come to life with sound and movement.


Pushing Motion

Firstly I'd like to state how badly I struggled with this animation. I stupidly left Maya for abit to concentrate on some drawing, so now that I have come back to it have forgotten a lot of the basics. 

Although I struggled with this animation, Im going to upload it anyway just as a reference more than anything, and although its very far from perfect, there are some aspects of it that I feel worked to a slight degree.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Drawing up-date

This Christmas break I decide to concentrate on honing some drawing skills rather than animation,
seeing as drawing is fundamental for animation. I've never really got into water colours, but i've really enjoyed using them recently. 

so far I've just had time to experiment, so none of these drawings/painting are of any relevance to anything, but I have had fun playing with them.

As well as drawing in my sketchbooks, Ive also invested in a small graphics tablet. I haven't used it much at all yet but heres just something 

Ball Bouncy + Camera Views

As I have to form some sort of showreel for my first term here at Falmouth, I've decided to go through and try and neaten up some of the first simple maya animations I've done. Firstly I've gone through and re-done the simply ball bounce animation sequence, but played around with rending in high quality and  with adding and moving cameras.