Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Experimental Animation (part 1)

Experimental Animation (part 1)

This project so far has been far more challenging that I anticipated. Firstly, the fact that the brief is so loose brings undisclosed problems in coming up with an idea. Having decided to work with fruit has also been far more challegening that I first thought. Seeing as the fruit has a tendency to decay/slide around while doing a stop motion is pretty infuriating, however its all starting to come together. On a brighter note, really enjoyed working with sound (music) as a guide to be creative with. I feel like this is a natural strong point for me, and will definitely want to play around with this sort of experiment again. 
Set up so far (Images) 

In the next post regarding this project, I will upload a short timelapse of me working and animating on this project, aswell as the finished piece. 

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