Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sea Project, Progress

Despite the deadline fast approaching for this project, the group is making seemingly good progress on 'Fat Buoy Swim' (which is what we have decided to call our 1 minute short!). We always knew that when it came down to it, myself, Harry and Jordan are fast animators when using flash. We have had a couple of snags along the way, but with only 4 days left of animating we have done the bulk of the main animations, with only one or two shots left that need some major tweaks, and one or two more with some minor changes. So all in all, you could say its going swimmingly (I'm awful). In all seriousness however, we are yet to implement any backgrounds, and will need to composite the all the shots and add camera moves in Toonboom.

Here is a quick sneaky peek at me animating some of the waves, in its crudest form (i.e without any texture or colour ect)

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