Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pre-Production: Writing on the Wall Sets

So as I mentioned in my last post, we are also concentrating on the physical side of the production in terms of characters and sets. We believe it is essential to the success of the production to have the sets looking perfect as well as the characters, so we have started creating some mock up sets of our stop motion. 

Here are some shots of the work in progress of the Caroline's room in which she works. 

We are essentially modelling this set on the concept of Caroline I did a few weeks ago. Here is that concept art.

Heres a very early render of the set. Ive also played around with some lighting effects and such, but there is a lot missing here at the moment. Lots more to come.

So far in terms of the creating process, are using very basic materials. Loads of coffee stirrers, sticks and cardboard, as well as wire and filmo air drying clay. We found that we are able to use a lot of found object, and creativity is key. We have also playing around with applying varnishes and wood stains to create a more authentic look to the wood. As for this final render, Ive attempted to add some 'dust particles' by using a very low opacity brush.

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