Saturday, January 25, 2014

11 second club assignment

The 11 second club pretty famous and non-exclusive club, which has been running for years. Its basically a competition, where a sound clip is uploaded once a month, which could be anything from sound effects or a speech from a film which is 11 seconds. You then have to animate to the sound without editing the sound file at all.

So we have been assigned essentially that task, however we have been given around 6 weeks rather than a month to complete it.

We are using the december sound file, which has no dialogue in at all (unfortunately, would have liked to have done some lip syncing!) The video below is a random example of animation linked the sound file we are using. (its not mine!)

So I have had to come up with a short (11 second) story and animate to this sound file. My original idea sparked from the familiar sounds of wood within the clip. So naturally I thought of  a beaver (?) and a lumberjack; perhaps the beaver had stolen wood from the lumberjack and he was chasing / looking for him. I ended up completely removing the lumberjack aspect and instead replaced him with another beaver friend. Its a very simple idea but I think it needs to be to fit the time frame.

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