Monday, April 21, 2014

Pocket Sized Grandparents: General Update

So after last week, where I presented my idea / character for a second time I received some pretty good feedback. Firstly I need a name change for the whole thing which isnt a massive issue anyway as the title was always a working title. Secondly my character designs seemed to ahve gone down well but I need to develop some actual concept work rather than just character sketches. In other words put the characters into situations that they would actually find themselves in within the film. For example Ron and Iris would constantly struggle to find clothes that would fit them, so I need to develop some images that would suit that idea. 

Last night I quickly drew up some more sketches of Ron, of which I feel I have a good understanding of as a character now, how he would move ect. 

Ron perhaps after he has lost Iris, and only has her wedding ring left (which would have been to big for her fingers as they shrank) 

Ron cloth less, with just a few rags he has safety pinned to his scrawy body. 

Lastly, and most importantly, it was mentioned that my main character should be the boy / teenager that is looking after Ron and Iris. We decided that this film would focus on two points, the struggle of getting older and the struggle of looking after your grandparents, but decided that the main focus should be the latter as its the only that I could personally relate too. I hadn't given a thought to what the teenager would look like, so have now got to work on that. Below is a rough concept I have after a bit of research and design.

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