Monday, August 25, 2014

A Fresh Start

3rd Year pitches are looming (3-4 weeks away) and Ive been more and more dissatisfied with my pitch idea: A Good Innings. The idea was good, and I enjoyed the imagery that I came up with. However I just do not feel excited about it as I should, especially if I were to produce the work for a year. So I have decided to create a new pitch, or at least give it ago seeing as I only have a few weeks to come up with everything, so there is a strong chance I won't get enough work together to pitch it time. However I am going to try, no harm in the practice anyhow!

So here is some concept pieces I have been working on this week for this new project (but will be vaguely along the line of sky bound, or something aviation related). I do not have a  title yet, nor a story complete enough to try and describe it all now, however Im hope they imagery is enough to get people intrigued for now! (the second image, the sky octopus, is not complete and is definitely a work in progress)

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