Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Female 'Flirty' Walk Cycles.

In general I much prefer drawing women, I find it a lot easier to draw curves than blocks, and it feels much more naturual to draw the female figure. However when it comes to animating I have found that my rule does not apply. Im not sure yet why this is so, I just seem to find animating Male character much, much easier. Maybe its because, being a male myself, I know the ins and outs of a Male's walk much better than females. Nevertheless, I have finally produced a female walk which I am at least slightly pleased with.

I started off this walk cycle with a very basic female form. To make this walk seem 'female' I knew I had to accentuate certain aspects, such as the bust and behind. I wanted to make the hips sway and the hair to flop carelessly about. After all its a 'flirty' walk! This was my first attempt at blocking out the key poses of the female walk. I included my basic reference character that I started off with. 

From that I learned that the basic movement of the bust and hair was correct, and I thought it worked well, in a very comical way. I did not, however, like how the legs moved, or the arms really. The dress actually made the process harder for me to aniamte the legs (even though I thought I could used it to hide them)

Next I cleared up the basic walk cycle. This time I focused on the legs a little more, make them a little clearer within the walk.

After this stage, and quite alot of time attempting to clean it up, I decided to bite the bullet and
and start again using a different angle, and different character. Here Ill show you how i focused on the legs first to make sure they were feminine enough

And finally I added the top half.

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