Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Adaptation Piece

Adaptation of comics, books, games and artwork has been a popular source of inspiration for me and many animators alike, so when we were asked to create a very quick and simply 'test shot' in Toonboom animation software,  I was quite pleased.

For this I decided to use a game that I had been playing recently, Borderlands 2. Borderlands has a very unike art style for an open xbox game. It uses cell shading, it quite a graphic and comic way, and I had always really liked the way it looked. I decided to select a Ice scene from Borderlands 2, add a hut and some smoke and see what I could do. This is an image from the game that I had used.

This is the photoshop image that I created, using Borderlands art style as a rough guideline. I attempted to make everything stand out with block graphic outlines, and using the same colour palate.

And here is the final test shot. Although its short, I am reasonably pleased with this, and definitely feel more confident about using Toonboom, which is certainly a good thing! I managed to include the clouds moving, the smoke rising and the camera move. I may have animated the clouds and smoke moving a little to hastily, however I think I can get away with it for a test shot! 

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