Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pirates Ship (yarr) Background project

The first of three drawings, based on the pirates animatic I created last semester. These drawings are. or would be, background for the animation. This particular exterior shot was done using a 'complementary colour scheme', which has one, directional light (the sun). I decided to go for a dark green, gloomy feel, as I thought it might suit the whole pirate theme. 

Below Ive screen shotted some of the stages I went through to get to the end result.
For the first background I've done in colour, Im pretty happy with it. the hardest part was getting the perspective of the ship down, which proved tricky. I feel as though I got the silhouette of the ship pretty well done in the end though however.

Original Drawing 

First things first; Background/Lighting.

Adding in the basic texture of the ship, and shading.

Flipping an Image is an age-old technique to get a new perspective of your painting, to highlight mistakes you may otherwise miss.

Finished Piece. 

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