Saturday, May 18, 2013

Falmouth Animation Ident

 As I had decided I wanted a very 2D, hand drawn feel to this Ident, I of course decided to do hand drawn cell animation. I really wanted it to show that the course does have a drawn, 2d aspect to it, and its not just 3D and maya. This project took a fair amount of planning because of this, getting all the timing right, and making sure nothing moved around too much.

I decided to use a classic animated 'pose' character to be waving around in his circle, as I felt this was simply enough to describe the studies of motion within animation. I didn't want the animation to be too long, just quick and snappy, so I roughly set a marker of 70-80 frames. (All at 25fps)

After drawing all the hand drawn aspects, including the word 'Animation', I threw them into aftereffects, as I have alittle knowledge of how the programme works and felt confident I could create some sort of 'projector', which would create the illusion of that a old projector was creating the image. Adding sound effects also helped this. 

Overall I am reasonably pleased with the outcome. I feel the animation could be alittle smoother, and would love it if I was allowed to make it slighter longer, but I feel I reached my goal of portraying the 2D side of the  course.

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