Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mudbox, The devils in the Detail

The next step was to create a real 3D environment object, using photos, in Maya, and Mudbox.

To start out I ventured out to an old boat yard, to find something I found interested to photograph, and eventually model in Maya. This most interesting thing I found there was an old plastic oil canister. It had lots of interesting marks and texture and so I photographed it from all sides and Headed back to Model. However, I did not anticipate at the time how hard it would be to model this object In maya, and eventually decided to make something simpler.

The next object I came across that I thought would work well was a small wooden crate. I liked this object as it was made out of mango wood, and it had a very interesting grain. After taking pictures, I cropped them in Photoshop, and started modelling in Maya.

Being that this was quite a simple object, I was done quite fast, and began projecting the image in Mudbox, and started to refine the edges, and engrave in between the slats of wood, as well as protruding the box out where the handles are. 

Once I had worked out how to go about this project, I found myself getting very involved and actually really enjoying it. Creating an object from real life in 3D is actually very gratifying! The crate looks very similar to the real object, and I am pleased with the texturing I added afterwards. The only thing I would do to make this abit prettier is to add different lighting, and to sharpen the edges of the create.

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