Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Projection Mapping Maya

Moving on from the adaptation project, which used photoshop layered files in Toon Boom, I have now places those files into Maya to accomplish what is called a projection map. The idea is to create roughly the same shot as I made in Toon Boom, but in Maya, creating an actual 3D effect. 

As I'm more of a 2D player than 3D, naturally I found this harder, however I was reasonably happy with the end result. Put simply, I had to import the layers of the photoshop file I had made earlier (below) layer by layer, onto individual planes, connect it to a projection camera, and sculpt the 2D image planes one by one to give an illusion of 3D with a basic camera move.

In doing this, I found that multiple layers were moved slightly in the process (by accident) and it slightly altered the overall image. I also made a few other mistakes, such as sculpting some of the layers too much, which brakes the illusion of 3D as the camera moves. You can see this in the final render below.

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