Sunday, October 27, 2013

Funny in 15 progress

This funny in 15 seconds thing turned out harder than expected, and it took myself and my other group members a good while to get to a point we were happy with in terms of an actual idea we thought would be semi-humouros. We tried almost every angle, and ended up going with a old classic, which is by no means original. More than anything we are playing with the 'shock' factor within the 15 seconds; attempting to make the audience believe something else is happening or going on, then suddenly mixing it up at the final second to create a small laugh. 

Here is the basic animatic, warning, it is pretty disgusting, and immature. 

So as you can see we decided to go for a poo joke. As I said, not very original, but we decided to play on the 101 Dalmatians dog walking scene, as well as using that as a base for the visual style. We want to audience to think we are creating the humour from a vulgar dog poo situation, and create a laugh from the unexpected well-to-do dog owner joining in on the fun. 

So far we are working well as a group. Its a small group, which I prefer working in. Everyone has slotted well into a role, with Jake producing the outlines for the backgrounds, Laura as the colour artist and myself as the Animator. So far we have only produced one test with animation and backgrounds together, thought it is not in colour. 

I plan on finishing the core animation within the next few days, and will post an update then. 

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