Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Pre-Production; Writing on the Wall

So now that we have been put into groups and decided on a project, I thought it was time for an introduction. Myself and Harry have worked together before, so making a start is quite easy as we know how each other likes to work. We originally wrote the script / plot with a 3rd person, but unfortunately had to be in two's for this project. 

The title of our production is "Writing on the Wall" and we had to come up with the plot using various starting point cards we were given by our lectures. Our cards were: "Catherine Hearshaw" "Rom Com" "Writing on the Wall" "Heath Robinson". And with this, we came up with a rough plot of A woman in the 1800's who was a successful astronomer  recluse using a male alias "Carl" Of which the world does not know, who has a very big fan named Astrid. Young Astrid is besotted with 'Carls' work and goes to find him (Astrid not knowing Carl is a female, Caroline). The comedy will then come from Astrids infatuation with Carl, falling in love and Caroline trying to play both herself and the alias without getting caught. 

We decided this would be a feature length film, but with the time scale and buget (of £0) decided A 2 minute scene would suffice. Within this scene we are going to show the awkward meeting of Astrid and Caroline (Carl) who is caught off guard at her homestead. 

For this first pitch coming up, we have to provide some concept art, so far I have drawn just one, but will upload my others and Harrys at a later date. 

(Caroline working at her telescope)

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