Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Crew: Crocodile Tears

So now that I have officially finished my first semester of my second year, I'm now continuing onto
the second semester, which means I'm exactly 50% way through my degree. Shocking.

Any who, one of our most recent assignments is called 'The Crew', which essentially 
means that we as second years, have to go out and find a third year project for us to work on. 
This can be anything from backgrounds, to animating, foley, or just key framing. Luckily I was
on the ball with this one, as I knew this project was incoming, I sought out  a third year project early on, so that I could get involved asap. That project is called 'Crocodile Tears', directed by Darren Smith.

As you may notice from the poster, it is a flash animation involving a bunch of badass crocs.
I really like the design work that has gone into it, and so far from what I've seen, I think it will have a really successful outcome. I really wanted to find a project that I personally like, as I have worked on a project before just for works sake, and I ended up hating the work I was doing. For this project, I have been assigned animator, doing in-betweens and clean ups. This essentially means someone (namely Darren) will assign a shot in which he has added the essential key frames, which could mean as little as 3 or 4 frames within a 5 - 10 second shot, and its up to me to work out the motion properly, and add in the 'in-between shots'. Its a pretty important role as its not just simply adding in the middle frames, but working out the 'feel' of the motion, and is key to creating solid animation. 

-So far I have worked on two shots, of both I have added the in-betweens for the rough animation.
The next stage for this shot is to go into the clean up stage.

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