Friday, February 07, 2014

Crocodile Tears shots progress

Just a quick update from the other day after what I've already talked about from the Crocodile tears project. So far Ive worked on around 5 or 6 shots, most of which are only a few seconds long, the longest being 4 or 5 seconds. Most of the action is simple, i.e head movements, blinks, and the occasional prop moving. However, so far I have really enjoyed the process. I suppose apart from the normal enjoyment I get from animating, I'm really enjoying working in a situation with may represent what it feels like to work for a studio in many respects. I don't need to do much thinking in terms of planning or anything like that, I'm simply provided a basic shot with several keyframes put it already as key positions, and I work out the motion, how it should feel and put in the in-betweens. Its quite rewarding really. 

I look forward to seeing how the clean up artists paint and finish of the shots so I can see the final product. However its still early days, and I'm hoping to get a fair few more shots to work on, and perhaps do some clean ups too. 

Here are some of the shots Ive completed. It may look messy, but its really all about the motion at this point, the bare bones if you like. The colour is for what cleans ups are for!

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