Friday, February 14, 2014

Animating For Fun: Dog Walk Cycle

The other day I came across this professional animators blog that basically highlights the fact that there are hardly any animators out there (student or professional) that actually animate for fun. They concentrate on paid work or work that they have to do. Understandably, this is the way for most animators purely because its such a time consuming and labour intensive activity. However if you find yourself with some free time, its often not taken into consideration that animating can just be done, for fun!

So here is an quick walk cycle development of a dog, for which there is no reason other than the fact I wanted to animate a 4 legged beast. I've never done it before, and thought it would be good practice. Low and behold, it actually was fun! I really enjoyed doing it, and it only took one evening to complete.

so here it is:

Any feedback is welcome.

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