Monday, April 14, 2014

Pocket Sized Grandparents: Character Update

Although I was fortunate enough to be able to earn some money working this easter break, it 
didn't leave me with tons of time to focus on developing my pitch idea: pocket sized grandparents.

However, in the last few weeks being back in Falmouth I have focused completely on gaining some direction in terms of how this project may play out. I've started off by developing my characters some more; Ron and Iris (which I have named after my grandparents, of course!). They are coming along nicely I feel, however very much unpolished and still in need of colour work. I'm particularly pleased with how I think Ron will eventually work out, and I feel the need to do some animation tests shots with his lanky body soon!

Firstly, here is some very early development work for Ron and Iris. I want the couple to both be fragile and easy to empathise with, but also endearing. 

Next are some more recent developments, as well as some character posing to get a feel for how they might move. 

And finally a quick gesture sketch of Ron, holding a rose to his wife, Iris. More to follow shortly...

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