Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pitch Update: Pocket Sized Grandparents

A few weeks have passed since I have started to develop the idea of pocket sized grandparents, and I managed to find time to pitch the basic concept to Derek our course leader. His initial response has been very positive, and thinks there is a lot of potential within the idea. He explained that if it is really well written, it has a lot of promise.

So the next step really is to write the story, even if its just a few hundred words in terms of a more detailed account of whats going to happen. I have quite a few random ideas bobbing around my head, but its true that it never really makes sense unless I write it all down. Im still a little unsure how it will end, who the teenager will be, if you even ever see the teenager, or if I want to make it more serious or focus more on comedy. However Im going to attempt to write a short story for it, and maybe enlist a buddy on a creative writing course to help out.

As for now I have created a few extra character visuals for the short; the Grandpa, Ron. And the Grandma, Iris. 

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