Monday, March 03, 2014

Pitching Ideas

During the 3rd year of our course, the main project is to create a final film, in which we work on for the duration of the year. Its normally a big project which involves lots of people, and 2nd years are roped in to help out. Normally, we would be pitching ideas for our final film in the 3rd year, however it has been decided that we would be better off with a head start, and to think up and pitch our ideas this year.

In reality this is a good idea, as we would definitely be a step ahead of previous years, the problem is that initially I have had. However I am aiming this week to focus on this, and to come up with 4 or 5 solid ideas that I think could be good enough to get through, as only 6 or 7 ideas end up being chosen.

So far, I have had only one solid idea in which I think could be successful. So far I am calling it 'Pocket sized Grandparent' however that will change. Its essentially a story of a boy / teenager, who's loveable grandparents are slowly but dramatically shrinking in scale. Its a story of his life looking after his grandparents, which initially is fun for them, but as the story draws to a close, it becomes increasingly clear that this is a sad story, as the boy struggles to look after his tiny grandparents, who he eventually looses as he cannot see them anymore.

Its a bit of a strange idea, but I wanted to pitch something that at first seemed humorous, but had a very serious, somber tone to it, something that was thought provoking and emotional. Its still just an idea in the early stages, but it might work at some point. I did a very quick concept piece for it below

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