Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deep Update One

Being invested into the design side to this project, myself Jordan and Carl have been focused on
how characters will look, and the over all style for the first week. So far, we really only 
know that we are seeking to emulate a Hellboy comic style, that is a style which includes heavy contrast of black and whites, in a very graphic style. We also only really have two characters within
this scene, a female and male. So really in terms of our design process we are concentrating in this early stage on the way the characters look and how the overall scene will look.

These first early concepts are just playing around with the graphic style that we are trying to mimic. As an artists I rarely draw in this style, so this kind of stuff is quite new to me. However I feel that there is some real promise in working with this style in terms of animation.

These next few images are seeing how colour looks in this graphic style. We have been looking at comics for reference, including the Sin City original comics, Hellboy and various others that all include a similar style. Within these comics we found that often there are various bits of colour used in a mostly black and white image.

Finally, I have drafted up a early concept of what the background may look like. Again here I have added some colour to the black and while image. Within our scene there is a lot of snow and trees, and originally we thought the shot was during the day, however we have now been given more free roam in terms of design, and thought that having the scene in moonlight would enhance the contrasty look.

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