Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Good Innings....

It as been 'A Good Innings', said Ron.

For now, from  a little (a lot) of help and discussions from various individuals, this is my working title for now, to replace 'pocket sized grandparents' for various reasons. 1: PSP was taken, and used quite a lot by lots of other films / programs / books ect. I thought it was original I swear! Secondly, one of the key aspects to my story is that grandpa Ron was a very successful cricket player in his prime, and charlie (the boy) envy's this and wants to be as good as him! so thats that for now.

I have also updated my facial character page for Ron, similarly to my previous post for Charlie, so heres an update of that (below). Im reasonably happy with these, but to be totally honest both Grandpa Ron and Charlie are both works in progress, and probably will change a fair amount by the time the final pitches come along! But i think they are good place holders for now to give an idea of the story!