Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deep Shot update

As the Deep project is drawing to a close in a few weeks, it has finally come to the animating stage. Luckily, as time was running short we have gained another animator, and it looks as though we should get everything done. We all have 3 shots to complete, and as its all in black and white, its mainly a process of key framing the main action, rough animation and then clean up. Today I have managed to do the rough animation for all 3 of my shots. Below are the shots.

1: Fall down shot. Caroline ends her short sprint by falling to her knees at the dead body.

2: Turn over shot. Caroline reaches to the body on the ground, turns him over and gasps.

3: Close-up lip sync shot. The boss greets caroline and gives her a talking too.

Im reasonably pleased with these shots, but they are still in the rough animation phase. The next stage is to confirm the movements and sort out any alterations, clean up the line, and colour in the shadow.

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